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Our ambulances are one of the most critical components to the successful operation of our business. Vehicles need to be reliable in order to maintain timely responses to the communities we serve. In order to accomplish this, American Professional Ambulance utilizes an effective and well-monitored preventative maintenance program.

American Professional realizes the impact regular maintenance has on the overall quality and delivery of pre-hospital care in the field. Therefore, American Professional adheres to a strict and extensive preventative maintenance program. This program consists of daily inspections, paper documentation, management oversight and scheduled preventative maintenance. American Professional utilizes only certified “ASE” mechanics for all preventative maintenance and repairs.

For any emergency response team, arriving on scene quickly is critical. We use Rescue Net Navigator from ZOLL, a Mobile Data Computer (MDC) that provides our crew with incident information as soon as it is dispatched, allowing them to move quickly and arrive on scene. A visual map and accurate turn by turn directions are provided as vehicles navigate to the scene. The combination of these two features ensures that we are providing the fastest possible incident response.

Measuring our system’s on-time performance is also important for ensuring that we are providing great customer service. Collecting incident timestamps is important for maintaining a high degree of data accuracy. Because our navigator is fully integrated with Rescue Net Dispatch, communication of all vital incident information and the collection of timestamps are done electronically. By minimizing the need for radio communication, you eliminate miscommunications. By utilizing electronic communications of trip information and map based route generation, we have the tools that are needed to make our organization operate more efficiently and decrease response times.


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